Chris Hersch & The MoonRaiders

The Burren Backroom, 247 Elm St., Somerville, MA

On March 24th, Laurie Spry, the matriarch of Bishops Castle Americana Dance Hall in RI that actually attracted a Boston audience to its appalachian style tanglewoods summer dances, passed away after a 2 year battle with cancer that she won until she didn't. And during the pandemic we lost others in our Davis Square and greater Boston dancing krewe. The Burren restarted Boston dancing with a signature Baker Thomas Band appearance in 2021 and is the obvious place for us to come together around Memorial Day Weekend to remember those who aren't coming back. But it is equally a time and place to invite those who are intrigued by this couples dance culture where you can come with or without a partner. A vital dance community needs and welcomes new dancers. The Burren clears some space for us to kick up our heels in honor of those who can no longe